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Big life changes are stress-inducing but they are not only part of being human, they are opportunities to build resilience. There is a big transition coming as the state reaches a point when schools are poised for reopening. There are some things we can do to position ourselves for a positive transition. Number one is self-care. Getting enough sleep, connecting with the people and things we love, and taking extra good care of our mental health will help us be ready to meet the challenges and stressors that come with adapting to a new environment. You can help your student with these and with being open about what it’s like to have to quickly condition to an environment that feels different or foreign. It will be school, but not exactly school as we knew it pre-pandemic. Some students may feel stressed about mask-wearing or Covid transmission, or they may feel confused and concerned about the new schedule or being in a cohort that’s different from their friends. Please use the coming weeks to listen to your students about what they anticipate or what they’re worried about–naming it helps! And assure them that they will re-condition to the new environment quickly. That’s what human beings do–we adapt.

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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