The Peer Tutoring program is open for business!

Tutors available every day at lunch, Academy, 7th period & after school until 4 pm

Students can take advantage of the extra academic support available at Acalanes’ Peer Tutoring Center, a 100% APC-funded program. Tutoring is available every day. No appointment is necessary! Peer Tutoring is open during Academy period, 7th period and after school until 4:00 p.m. The Peer Tutoring room is located in the enclosed hallway next to the small theater supervised by tutoring coordinators Fran Taylor and Mary McCosker.

Our tutors offer the highest quality academic help. Highly qualified junior and senior students are prepared to help with math, social studies, science, and languages. Students are invited to drop in and stay for as long as necessary and no appointment is required. Teachers are encouraged to refer students to PT for the Academy period.

Last year, we had more than 3800 student visits to Peer Tutoring. With your help (and lots of pretzels and “jolly ranchers”) we hope to increase our student visits this year.