Acalanes Community Always (ACA)

Acalanes Garden Update The meditation garden is "done" as much as any garden is ever done. If you happen to be at the school this summer, please come check out the space. It's across from room 507.

The "farm" is a work in progress and we could definitely use some help! We plan to be there this summer on Tuesday evenings from 5-7pm to weed, harvest and distribute food (when there is harvest available). We also have two larger "work parties" scheduled to help prune pear trees, get a head start on weeds, review and update the irrigation, and plant the last of our plants for this season. These will be on Tuesday, May 30 and Tuesday, June 13 from 5-8pm. Please complete this form if you can help on a regular Tuesday or during the work parties.

We have also updated our wish list. If you have any items you'd like to donate, please email Ms. Tewksbury so we can work out a time for drop off. 

Finally, if you would like to be notified when we have harvested food available for pick up, please complete this form. We are not sure how much food we will actually harvest this season, but we definitely want to share whatever we get with the staff and Acalanes community. 

Looking to next year, we are going to need to replace the beds in the farm so we can eliminate our gopher problem. After that, we hope to have winter plantings for the spring and then spring plantings for the summer/fall. Our art teachers are working on ways to get students involved in making garden art for both the meditation and farm spaces. We also hope to restart the Garden Club to get more students actively involved in both spaces.

Thanks for all of your support! And, thank you to Janet Thomas, Pam Winther and Jeanie Hill from the Lafayette Community Garden for all of the support, guidance and volunteers. These renovations would not have been possible without them.

Have a great summer!

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The AHS Community Can’t Be Canceled campaign, initially created last spring by Acalanes Leadership, was a successful effort to generate spirit and a great sense of belonging between Acalanes and the greater Lafayette community during Shelter in Place and beyond.

From “Let’s Paint This Town Blue” to the Senior Car Rally and all the individual class spirit efforts in between, it helped to pull us together. Going forward, ACA • Acalanes Community Always will replace this effort and we hope you’ll join this Acalanes Parents Club effort and get involved!

You can show your Dons pride by flying a new AHS flag to welcome in the new 2020-21 school year. Click here to buy one and pick up at Dons Days. 

Other ACA initiatives in the works:

  • ACA Days – On-campus Lafayette community fair to look forward to when campus is open to all
  • Dons Spirit Team – Be part of an effort focused on increasing our Dons Spirit 
  • DonsAlums – Facebook network for Dons Alumni to connect with each other and get more involved at Acalanes
  • Jobs4Dons – Job network focused on networking, interviewing, resume writing & job opportunities for current and recent Dons 

While parents won’t have the traditional ways to get involved on campus this Fall, YOU CAN STILL GET INVOLVED with ACA!! 

Email to join the fun.