Acalanes Community Always (ACA)

The 3rd annual Senior Car Rally was a HUGE success!  We want to thank all of the volunteers who helped greet and park the seniors, decorate the route before and clean up after. APC would like to extend an enormous thank you to Linda Choi and Natasha Acuña for organizing the incredible afternoon!  And it goes without saying - thank you to our fabulous families, Acalanes Community, Oakwood, and the City of Lafayette for making our seniors feel so loved! Our seniors thank you!  💙   

The Acalanes Parents Club would like to thank the following APC Board members who are stepping down from their role or graduating from Acalanes. APC is grateful for their dedication to making our community stronger and our school a better place for all of our students.
Thank you!
Past President/Parliamentarian - Angela Ketcham (now Co-Director, Peer Tutoring)
VP Communications - Lisa Spiegler
Secretary - Audra Fraioli (now Co-Hospitality Coordinator)
Assistant Treasurer - Kathleen Brekke
Co-LPIE AHS School Chair and Newsletter Content Coordinator - Jennifer Palmer
Co-Hospitality Coordinators - Kim Siegel & Marlene Peacock
Grants Coordinator - Catherine Habas
Co-Dons Day Coordinators - Meredith Meade and Mary Beth Towery
Volunteer Coordinator - Melanie Brinkman
Co-Parent Education - Emilie Gunnison & Alisa Patatucci
Student Awards Coordinator - Amy Norstad
DEI Liaison - Rupy Krishnan
Senior Class Liaisons - Jen Fish (now Newsletter Content Coordinator)
Angela Ketcham, Kristin McPhail & Jill Milnes
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The AHS Community Can’t Be Canceled campaign, initially created last spring by Acalanes Leadership, was a successful effort to generate spirit and a great sense of belonging between Acalanes and the greater Lafayette community during Shelter in Place and beyond.

From “Let’s Paint This Town Blue” to the Senior Car Rally and all the individual class spirit efforts in between, it helped to pull us together. Going forward, ACA • Acalanes Community Always will replace this effort and we hope you’ll join this Acalanes Parents Club effort and get involved!

You can show your Dons pride by flying a new AHS flag to welcome in the new 2020-21 school year. Click here to buy one and pick up at Dons Days. 

Other ACA initiatives in the works:

  • ACA Days – On-campus Lafayette community fair to look forward to when campus is open to all
  • Dons Spirit Team – Be part of an effort focused on increasing our Dons Spirit 
  • DonsAlums – Facebook network for Dons Alumni to connect with each other and get more involved at Acalanes
  • Jobs4Dons – Job network focused on networking, interviewing, resume writing & job opportunities for current and recent Dons 

While parents won’t have the traditional ways to get involved on campus this Fall, YOU CAN STILL GET INVOLVED with ACA!! 

Email to join the fun.