Counselor assignments are by last name:
A-Em Anne Schonauer  
En-Kr Christine Todd / Christina Castillo-Gallardo during Spring 2023
Ku-Rog Marissa Meadows 
Roh-Z Susan Martin
Summer School Information: The summer school website is up and running! Please use the link to get information about summer school offerings/dates. It will be at AHS this year! Please have your student see their counselor to sign up, get forms, and figure out which classes to take.
Geometry for Advancement: AUHSD does offer one course for advancement in summer - Geometry. This is an accelerated class designed for strong Algebra students (who have an A test average) to accelerate in math. Students may be placed in Algebra 2 or Algebra 2 Advanced upon completion of this class. Please have your student see their counselor for more information. This class also requires a teacher recommendation.
Course Selection Changes: If your student wants to make any changes to their class requests for next year, please have them see their counselor to discuss. 

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8:30am – 4:00pm

7:30am – 4:00pm


Counselors are assigned by student last name, as follows:

Last names A- E
Anne Schonauer

Last names F – Lar
Christine Todd

Last names Las- Roh
Marissa Meadows

Last names Rog- Z
Susan Martin