MAY 23, 2021

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to thank our amazing officers, who did an incredible job during an unprecedented year: Chloe Cervenka, Olivia Dirito-Morgan, Katherine Montoya and Brooke Palma, you were a great team!

Wishing all of our Juniors good luck this week with final exams- you can view the schedule here.  

We hope everyone has a fantastic summer and we look forward to a more typical return to campus in August. On that note, mark your calendars for Dons Day on August 9 and the first day of school on August 10. Oh…and save this date too…Junior & Senior Prom will be April 30, 2022 at the Exploratorium. 

Thanks for all of your support this year. Again, we hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

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