Executive Officers
VP Communications
VP Community Partners
VP Fundraising
VP Services
Head Class Liaison
Asst. Treasurer

Communication Committee Chairpersons
Summer Registration Mailing Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator
eNews Editor
Student Directory and Parent Handbook Coordinator

Community Partner Committee Chairpersons
Parent Education Events Coordinator
Diversity and Inclusion Liaison
Legislative Representative
Community Service Awards Coordinator
Stanley Liaison

Fundraising Committee Chairpersons
Corporate Matching
APC LPIE Liaison
LPIE AHS School Chair
Community Wall/Bricks

Services Committee Chairpersons
Volunteer Coordinator
Dons Day Coordinators
Hospitality Coordinators
Staff Appreciation Coordinators
Finals Fuel Coordinators
Grants Coordinator

Head Liaison Committee Chairpersons
Class Liaisons
Snack Shack Coordinator

Executive Officers


The Co-President(s) provide oversight and direction for the Acalanes Parents Club. Each member of the executive board reports to the Co-President(s). Responsibilities include: 

  • Serve as primary liaison between AHS parent community and AHS administration. Meet as needed with AHS administration.
  • Provide guidance to individual board members and other APC volunteers as necessary
  • Work closely with AHS principal and admin team to share voice of AHS parent community
  • Develop annual APC operating budget with guidance from AHS principal, APC executive board members and APC committee chairs
  • Partner with key Acalanes partners including LPIE, Acalanes Boosters, and APAB to collectively support AHS
  • Determine agenda and lead monthly APC Board Meetings. Host APC Board holiday cookie exchange and spring transition reception.
  • Create agenda with AHS Principal for monthly Dons Dialogues (parent forum)
  • Represent APC at monthly AUHSD Coordinating Council meetings with other high school parents’ club presidents and school foundations
  • Write weekly APC Presidents’ message for APC newsletter, letter to incoming freshman parents (in AHS 8th grade student folder) and letter for Dons Day APC folder
  • Review and approve monthly APC executive board minutes
  • Lead two APC General Membership meetings (to approve the APC slate of officers in spring and to approve coming year’s APC budget in fall)
  • Coordinate APC-funded campus enhancement projects with AHS administration
  • Work with APC Nominating Committee to recruit APC board slate
  • Attend AHS schoolwide parent events (e.g. Back to School Night, Course Preview & Open House, and Acalanes Athletics and Activities), Dons Day,
  • Dons Dialogues and New Parent Orientation
  • Serve as APC Board Parliamentarian/Past President for school year following President’s tenure
  • Sign APC checks (APC Treasurer provides second signature) as needed

VP Communications 

The VP Communication serves as a member of the Acalanes Parents Club Executive Board and leads the Communications Committees. This role is responsible for overseeing all Parent Club communication activity communication budgets and the following positions:

  • Parent Club website and webmaster
  • Parent Club eNews and editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Parent Handbook & Student Directory Coordinator
  • Dons Day Folder Inserts Coordinator
  • Summer Registration Mailer Coordinator

Communication Role:

  • Review and approve weekly Parent Club enews & Calendar of Events
  • Ensure key events and parent-related information is communicated in a timely manner via enews, class and parent blasts
  • Approve Changes to the Parent Club Website
  • Approve communications language for online annual student registration (e.g., how to sign up for communications for enews, etc)
  • Provide input for joint LPIE/APC fundraising brochure
  • Approve content of Parent Handbook & Student Directory and Class Blasts

VP Community Partners

The VP Community Partners serves as a member of the Acalanes Parents Club (APC) Executive Board and overseeing the following functions and related budgets:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
    • overseeing the following functions & budgets” and people can learn more about DEI roles and mission on its webpage.
  • Legislative Representative
  • Parent Education Events
  • Wellness Liaison
  • Community Service Awards Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Liaison to Stanley Middle School: Communicates key Acalanes information (e.g., registration deadlines, BTSN, Open House) to Stanley PTA for distribution
  • New Parent Orientation: Coordinates APC role with co-Presidents
  • Attends LPIE Board Meetings (as back-up to Parliamentarian)
  • Special Projects: As assigned by co-presidents

VP Fundraising 

The VP of Fundraising serves as a member of the  Acalanes Parents Club (APC) Executive Board and leads the Fundraising Committees activities. Responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Membership Annual Campaign
  • Corporate Match
  • eScrip
  • Wall of Bricks

The VP of Fundraising is the Team Leader of all Committees that fall under Fundraising.  The VP is responsible for communicating to the APC Board any new Fundraising activities and Committee updates; and shall perform other duties as requested by the President. Maintain budgets for committees that report to VP Fundraising.

VP Services 

The VP Services serves as a member of the Acalanes Parents Club (APC) Executive Board and oversees the following positions and their related committees:

  • Dons Day Chair
  • Hospitality Co-Chairs
  • Staff Appreciation Co-Chairs
  • Finals Fuel Co-Chairs
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator

The VP Services serves as the lead strategist for Dons Day, Back to School Night and Open House guiding the chairs of these functions as well as others listed above. Oversee budgets for committees that report to VP Services.

Head Class Liaison(s)

The Head Class Liaison(s) serves as a member of the Acalanes Parents Club (APC) Executive Board and oversees the 16 class liaisons and Snack Shack Coordinator. Responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Guide and support the Class Liaisons (4 liaisons per grade)
  • Coordinate with class liaisons to make certain key parent information is appropriately communicated via enews and/or class blasts
  • Coordinate with the leadership teacher and school administration
  • Keep track of documents used by each class via class Google drive
  • Work with the financial assistant to keep track of class balances
  • Oversee class representation at Dons Day 
  • Keep a timeline of the year and help distribute information to the Class Liaisons
  • Provide oversight of the Grad Night chair’s budget 
  • Oversight of Snack Shack Coordinator 


The Recording Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Committee and responsibilities include:

  • Keep official minutes at general Board meetings and any special meetings of the Board 
  • Summarize minutes and route to the President(s) for approval and distribution
  • Present the previous meeting’s minutes to the general Board for approval (motion to approve and second required, along with general vote)
  • Maintain all electronic and hardcopy files of the minutes for archival purposes
  • Distribute Board meeting notification and reminder emails in accordance with proper notification rules as set for by the Parents’ Club bylaws.
  • Provide copies of agenda at each general Board meeting (as needed).
  • Maintain the Master Board Roster with current names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Update and distribute the roster.
  • Annually review job descriptions and make edits as needed.


The Treasurer serves as a member of the  Acalanes Parents Club (APC) Executive Board and manages all financial activities and maintains accurate financial records of the Parents Club. The Treasurer, supported by the Assistant Treasurer, ensures that all regulatory reporting is completed and tax returns are filed. The Treasurer attends the monthly Executive Board meetings and provides budget reports to the Board.

The main duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

  • Work with co-presidents to create an Operating Budget
  • Record Receipts into APC’s accounting software
  • Prepare and Record Disbursements
  • Maintain and Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Attend monthly APC Board Meetings
  • Assemble information for the Tax Preparer to prepare Annual Non Profit Tax Return
  • Member of the Budgeting Committee
  • Prepare 1099s if applicable
  • Help consult on APC financial matters

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer is an Executive Officer of the Acalanes Parents Club Board (APC) and a member of the Budget Committee.  The Assistant Treasurer carries out the following duties:

  • Assistant to the APC Treasurer
  • Responsible for cash/check deposits (Treasurer handles payments and budget)
  • Responsible for corporate matching verification and deposits
  • Regularly check APC File for general and corporate matching checks
  • Complete deposit detail via google docs  for general APC deposits
  • Provide photos of all checks deposited
  • Make all deposits to Bank of the West, Lafayette Branch
  • Provide deposit reports to appropriate APC Executive Officers and/or Committee Chairs 
  • Create google doc of all APC donations from on Revtrak data. Add checks and electronic transfer donations to complete list used for donation confirmation tax letters. 


The Auditor serves as a member of the Acalanes Parents Club (APC) board.  The Auditor shall examine the books of the Treasurer as soon as possible at the end of the school year, and shall audit the books upon the resignation of the treasurer.  The Auditor carriers out the following responsibilities:

  • Bank reconciliations – Make sure all bank statements have been reconciled on a monthly basis and all cash ties.
  • Deposits – Make sure that all deposits have proper documentation and have been allocated to the proper accounts.
  • Checks/Payments – Make sure that check requests/invoices have been approved by the appropriate party and that there is proper documentation for the check/payment.
  • Budget – Make sure that expenditures did not exceed approved budgeted amounts. This sometimes changes throughout the year so you will need to get a copy of the meeting minutes if you do not have an updated budget. 
  • Audit Report – Prepare and submit a written audit report to the Board of Directors and to the membership.  


The Parliamentarian is an Officer and a member of the Acalanes Parents Club Executive Board. Responsibilities include:

  • Chair the APC Nominating Committee 
  • Serve as member of APC Budget Committee
  • Advise the President(s) and the APC Board of the Rules Of Order during all APC Board and General Meetings 
  • Chair a Committee appointed by the President(s) to review the Bylaws in the Spring of odd numbered years.  
  • Attend all APC Executive Board meetings and LPIE monthly General Board meetings
  • Serve as APC LPIE Liaison or this role can be filled by another board member if approved by APC President(s).

The past President typically holds this position. 

Communication Positions

Summer Registration Mailing Coordinator

The Summer Mailer Coordinator reports to the VP of Communications and is responsible for gathering, printing, and mailing all of the documents that are sent home in the summer to Acalanes parents to prepare them for Dons Day.  Works with Acalanes Parents Club Presidents and Acalanes Principal to decide which documents are included in the mailer.

Summary of Tasks:

  • Gather information from Presidents and agree documents to be included
  • Manage a soft copy of the Registration Packets in order to make any changes
  • Manage the printing of the hard copies of the Registration Packets (copies can be made in Acalanes office)
  • Organize the mailing out of Registration Packets
  • Receive LPIE/APC fundraising brochure to be included in the Registration Packets
  • Organize envelope stuffing volunteer event
  • Purchase supplies, printing paper and envelopes. Print envelopes with AHS return address as needed.
  • Collection of mailing boxes from the Lafayette Post Office


The Webmaster Chair manages the APC website and reports to the VP of Communications.


  • Manages and maintains the APC website
  • Coordinate APC Website with the Acalanes HS website, and provide links to relevant information
  •  Works closely with APC Executive Board Members, AHS Administration and eNews to make sure website content is up to date and accurate
  • Troubleshoots website issues
  • Archives previous year’s content as necessary
  • Keeps account for APC domain registration current and active
  • Maintains Google email addresses and passwords
  • Editor to ensure weekly enews is uploaded to the website in a timely fashion
  • Position requires working knowledge of Web content management systems. Experience with HTML, and graphics software is desirable.

Social Media Coordinator

Position is responsible for managing APC social media accounts. The position reports to VP of Communications.  Responsibilities include: 

  • Manage Social Media Accounts including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to highlight key APC events and campus activities 
  • Post articles of interest to the parent community

eNews Editor 

Position is responsible for the eNews weekly email newsletter. Reports to VP Communications

  • Sends out Weekly reminder via google doc weekly to eNews contributors 
  • Edits content related to grammar 
  • Receives approval of google doc by VP Communications before created document in Constant Contact
  • Schedules eNews to be sent at 10am on Sunday mornings
  • Checks APC editor email regularly
  • Maintains Constant Contact database
  • Sends class blasts as necessary (approved in advance by VP Communications) 
  • Time Commitment is approximately 2 hours per week (Thurs,Fri,Sat).

Student Directory and Parent Handbook 

This position creates the student directory and parent handbook under the direction of the VP of Communications and Co-Presidents. This role reports to the VP of Communications.

  • Coordinate distribution of Parent Handbook/Student Directory at BTSN

Community Partner Positions

Parent Education Events Coordinator

Parent Education reports to the VP of Community Partners and is responsible for planning parent education events for the Acalanes parent population. Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and schedule parent education events throughout the year 
  • Highlight Parent Education events in Enews and via parents blasts
  • Maintain Parent Education section of Acalanes Parents Club website
  • Liaison to Acalanes District Parent Education Committee and attend related meetings
  • Connect with local resources such as the Alcohol Coalition to find ways to partners on events of mutual interest 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Liaison  

Diversity and Inclusion Liaison reports to the VP of Community Partners.  Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as primary APC liaison to AHS for diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Coordinate with Parent Education to create appropriate events to share relevant information regarding diversity and inclusion with parent community
  • Communicate diversity and inclusion information via APC enews, social media, etc.

Legislative Representative 

Legislative Representative reports to the VP Community Partners and is responsible for:

  • Represents Acalanes Parents Club as a member of the Las Trampas Council of PTAs Education Advocacy Legislation Team, which reviews and monitors legislative proposals that affect public school funding.  
  • Attends APC meetings to report on current legislative issues as needed.
  • Depending on the issues and with APC board approval, Legislative Representatives may coordinate information with Acalanes Union High School District to produce district-wide communications or drive legislative support efforts.

Community Service Awards Coordinator 

The Community Service Awards Coordinator reports to the VP of Community Partners. Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee Acalanes Community Service Awards Program (including the President’s Volunteer Service Awards) under the guidance of the Associate Principal assigned to Community Service
  • Update Community Service Application and Information forms annually
  • Actively communicate details of the program to students and key faculty members (College and Career Advisor, Counseling, and Leadership teacher)
  • Create Community Service Committee to assist in reviewing of student Community Service Applications
  • Set up meeting with key partners to approve student applications (e.g, Associate Principal, Counselor representative, College and Career Advisor, etc)
  • Coordinate program guidelines with Campolino’s Community Service Program
  • Plan annual student Community Service Recognition Event with guidance from AHS leadership teacher and AHS Associate Principal. 
  • Register approved students on President’s Volunteer Service Awards website and order appropriate awards in conjunction with AHS Associate Principal. 

Stanley Liaison

The Stanley Liaison reports to the VP Community Partners and responsibilities include:

  • Serves as liaisons between APC board and Stanley Administration
  • Submits key Acalanes info for incoming freshmen to Stanley Wildcat Weekly as needed
  • Provides updates to APC board regarding Stanley that is relevant to Acalanes as needed
  • Attends Stanley PTA meetings with focus on information relevant to Acalanes
  • Works with Stanley Principal and Stanley PTA President to share important information with the APC board 

Fundraising Positions

Corporate Matching

Reports to VP Fundraising and is responsible for:

  • Help staff APC Dons Day table to share matching gift info, answer questions, follow up on donations, etc
  • Dons Day Fundraising follow-up email to parents regarding matching gifts
  • Send APC Blast to remind parents to consider matching gift
  • Provide regular update in enews regarding matching gifts
  • Monitor and respond to APC Corporate Match emails
  • Once a match donation email has been received regarding an electronic donation, forward appropriate name and amount info to APC Treasurer and APC Assistant Treasurer
  • Identify any match donations received by check. Forward to Assistant Treasurer for deposit

Community Wall of Bricks

Reports to VP Fundraising and is responsible for:

  • Advertise and sell Bricks to Acalanes Students and families
  • Coordinate with families to confirm the script for brick
  • Coordinate with AHS Finance Tech to get purchase up on webstore
  • Coordinate with vendor for Brick engraving installation
  • Double check to make sure work is accurate and all bricks were completed 
  • Advise families who purchase brick after deadline that their brick will not be engraved until the following year

LPIE AHS School Chair(s)

This role(s) is filled by the LPIE board. The chairs are non-voting members of the APC Executive Committee. 

APC LPIE Liaison

The Parliamentarian generally serves in this role but another board member can be chosen at the start of each school year.

Services Committee Positions

Volunteer Coordinator 

The Volunteer Coordinator reports to the VP of Services and has the following responsibilities:

  • Retrieve volunteer list of volunteers from annual online student registration process
  • Divide volunteer lists into excel spreadsheets and share with appropriate VPs and/or committee chairs
  • Share volunteer lists with interested APC parties as needed throughout the school year

Dons Day Volunteer Coordinators

The Dons Day Volunteer Coordinator reports to the VP of Services and has the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as primary APC contact for Dons Day
  • Member of AHS Dons Day working group along with Associate Principal, Leadership teacher, finance tech, etc.
  • Coordinate set-up plan for Dons Day tables
  • Hang signs above each Dons Day table along with table skins for APC tables
  • Oversee registration table including securing of volunteers and admin coordination

Hospitality Coordinators

The Hospitality Coordinators report to the VP of Services. Responsibilities include:

  • Provide food and beverages for two evening events: Acalanes Back to Course Preview & Open House and Back to School Night.
  • Deliver coffee and breakfast treats (e.g., cuties, banana bread) to monthly Dons Dialogues.
  • Provide food and beverages for additional events as directed by Co-Presidents.
  • Provide budget to Co-Presidents annually for approval.

Staff Appreciation Coordinators

The Staff Appreciation Coordinators report to the VP of Services. Responsibilities include:

  • Plan and execute special lunches and events throughout the school year to thank AHS teachers, administrators and support staff
  • Utilize parent volunteers to staff event and donate food who signed up to help via online Student Registration  
  • Submit annual budget to cover Staff Appreciation costs
  • Events include two Staff Appreciation Lunches (Fall and Spring), Cookie Exchange for the Holidays and more elaborate Appreciation Events during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Plan food, decorations and staffing for the events, and coordinating with school personnel to calendar events and ensure facilities are reserved for event use.

Finals Fuel Coordinators

The Finals Fuel Coordinators report to the VP of Services. The purpose of “Finals Fuels” is to provide (somewhat) healthy snacks and words of encouragement to students in between their finals during a difficult and stressful week. Responsibilities include:

  • Provides healthy snacks to students at break time between their finals (Winter and Spring finals)
  • Contact Food Services to advise of food plan 
  • Review the district snack policy (from Food Services) to understand what types of snacks you are allowed to distribute. All snacks must be in individual packages. 
  • Use College and Career Center to organize snacks into baskets for parent distribution
  • Utilize finals fuel volunteer list developed from online Student Registration 
  • Create sign up genius (SUG) for parents volunteers and snacks
  • Communicate staffing and food needs via APC enews

Grants Coordinator

  • Review/update the grants application and timelines
  • Advertise the grants program in Fall and Spring in eNews
  • Form a committee to review the grants applications. Should have and Associate Principal on the committee.
  • Notify grant award winners
  • Work with the APC treasurer to get the grants paid.

Head Liaison Positions

Class Liaisons

Class Liaisons are a team of four volunteers who work with a specific Class for all four years at Acalanes. They report to the Co-Head Liaisons. Responsibilities include:

  • Work with the class officers during homecoming and help support them on the day of hallway decorating. Provide class officers with guidance on their class skit.
  • 4 year position working with Class officers within leadership to organize class bonding activities, fundraisers and events (e.g., homecoming, Junior and Senior Prom). 
  • Meet regularly (1-2 times a month) with class officers during their leadership class period.
  • Serve as liaisons to the parent community for their particular class communicating information and answering questions. 
  • Liaisons will lead parent information class meeting at Back to School Night (or Senior Parent Night in case of seniors)
  • Recruit parent volunteers to help in the Snack Shack at football games (money raised helps support class events). Class Liaisons also need to be available to work one or two football games during the fall.
  • Meet 2 times a year with all liaisons and the co-head liaisons.
  • Identify parents to chair major class events such as Junior and Senior Prom, Senior Breakfast, Grad Night, Senior Time of Reflection, etc.  
  • Book Grad Night venue (often 2 years in advance)
  • Promote upcoming events in the weekly APC eNews.
  • Create class-specific eBlasts to the VP Communications for approval as needed.
  • Coordinate all fundraising activities for the class to offset ticket prices for Prom as well as to fund Senior Breakfast, Time of Reflection, Senior Picnic and Graduation.

Snack Shack Coordinator

The Snack Shack Coordinator reports to the Co-Head Liaisons. Responsibilities include:

  • Oversee snack shack activity throughout the year.
  • Communicate with District Facilities Management to make sure snack shack is cleaned after each football game. 
  • Advise AHS admin (associate principal) of equipment issues to request a work order 
  • Maintain and thoroughly clean BBQ grills throughout the season 
  • Refill propane tanks 
  • Order equipment that has been approved by APC
  • Serve as point person when liaisons or leadership needs snack shack equipment (e.g., senior picnic, etc).
  • Keep a log of borrowed equipment. Only APC related events can use and/or borrow equipment.
  • Coordinate with class liaisons to make sure snack shack remains clean (facilities management is only responsible for cleaning floors and surfaces) to avoid pest issues. Report pest issues to facilities management as needed. 
  • Thoroughly clean snack shack equipment at beginning of football season. 

Note: this document is for publication on the APC website.  Job descriptions are maintained by the APC Secretary.