Co-President’s Message

Spring has always been a month for reawakening, and it appears like this spring will not disappoint. We hope that you received the email from the district with the Hybrid & Remote return update. Dr. Nickerson reported that Contra Costa County projects that we will reach Red Tier Data on March 16. After successfully advocating for the removal of the additional 5-day waiting period, if all goes as projected, the District will begin our new Hybrid & Remote schedules on that date! You can track county and local public health data and see current projections here. For detailed FAQs related to Hybrid and Remote learning, click here

Teachers have returned to campus, several sports are starting their season and we are excited to see our county’s Covid numbers creeping down to a level that will get our students back on campus in the hybrid model. While we still continue best practices to ensure our numbers hit the Red Tier, it is great to see some activities slowly breathing back to life.

APC’s virtual events are still in high gear! Please mark your calendar for March 10th’s Parent Ed evening with Dr. Michael Rich, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center of Media and Child Health. Dr Rich will speak to Acalanes parents about the media, its influence on our families and how parents can make informed decisions about its use. 

If you or your student is feeling inspired and has an idea that may enrich the experience of our students, we invite you to submit an application for one of APC’s Spring Grants. Past grants have included everything from furniture upgrades to funding for last Thursday’s amazing “A Most Beautiful Thing” night with the film’s co-star Arshay Cooper. We invite you and your imagination to join the applicants!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out!  We’d love to hear from you.

Acalanes Community Always,
Kristen Labrosse & Angela Ketcham

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