We don’t know about your households, but we’ve definitely felt like school is back in high gear this week! Homework is clipping along at a steady pace and quiz and tests results are rolling in. As with every school year, the reality that some subjects are easier than others has sunk in. If your student is tackling a particularly difficult class, keep in mind that Peer Tutoring – free for all students in all subject areas – is fully operational during distance learning. While Peer Tutors can help with homework or test prep, please note they are also skilled at helping students with organization and developing good work habits. Peer Tutoring is 100% funded by your APC donations, so thank you to those who have contributed! And if you missed Peer Tutoring’s presentation at last Friday’s Dons Dialogue, you can access it here.  

This coming week, make sure you register for Tuesday’s DEI Book Club on How to Be An Antiracist. Details of the event are here, but we’d like to reiterate their invitation to attend even if you haven’t read the entire book. The important thing is to know you’re welcome to join this safe space to have an important conversation. We hope to see you there.

Finally, we’d like to give a shout out to our wonderful Acalanes staff, both those working from home and those on campus daily. Our on-campus staff were treated to smoothies and waffles on Wednesday morning by our amazing Staff Appreciation committee headed by Carla Combi and Julie Gladden – so hats off to their dedicated work to give our teachers an in person “Thank You!” on our behalf.    

Acalanes Community Always,

Kristen Labrosse and Angela Ketcham

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