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Wellness Center

There are so many reasons we are proud to be members of the Dons Community. This is an amazing collective of students and staff and we are inspired every day by the resilience, innovation, and authenticity that has come to define what it means to be a Don. These are difficult times with challenges and opportunities nearly everywhere we look! 

One of the most pressing, and exciting, opportunities is to engage with one another on the issues of the day respectfully and with genuine curiosity. In addition to the abundant one-on-one meetings we facilitate, we are also extending our mindful communication skills to other spaces where students assemble online. This past week we joined students in a district-wide discussion on equity engagement. This coming Thursday, we will hold space for students to process and dialogue following the inauguration of the country’s new president. Students who are deeply interested in civic life will facilitate and participate. 

We are always impressed by how respectfully students engage with one another at these events, regardless of their perspectives and passions. With that in mind, we share the following great resource on how to be a part of building and maintaining hate-free communities. 

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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