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Wellness Center

We hope the new year brings you and those you love opportunities to flourish! Wellness is launching two programs featuring short term one-on-one counseling and designed to help students kick-start the new year. The first focuses on addiction and will help students learn strategies for gaining control over addictive behaviors of any type. A school-wide invitation to “Kick Your Addiction” went out via Canvas this week and we are currently scheduling students who have opted in. The second offering uses a coaching model to help interested students explore goals and interests. At a time of uncertainty when no one knows the future, it’s still important to dream and make plans. The “Prioritize You” offering also went out by Canvas. If either of these sound like they would benefit your student, please encourage them to think about it but know that student self-determination is essential for this to be effective.

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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