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It’s December and time to get ready for FINALS!  How can you support your students? 

  •  Keep lots of healthy food available, especially fresh vegetables and fruits. Do the work for them- buy, clean, peel, cut, chop, etc. Put it into easy containers, put it out for them during study breaks with hummus, guacamole, and salsa. Here’s a yummy and healthy lasagna recipe I made this past week when I had a houseful of adult kids visiting. Lasagna is always great for a cold, cozy night (make enough for leftovers). I used a variety of vegetable layers, and I often like to add some pureed butternut squash (even if it’s from a can) and cannellini beans (canned, whole or blended) for added flavor and nutrition. I use these lasagna noodles so it’s also GF if you need it to be. Tell me how you like it!
  • Help them with their calendar over the next two weeks. Try to reduce their busy schedule. Schedule study times and times for restorative exercise (walks).
  • Support sleep. You can create “quiet hours” in your house (9 pm to 7 am) most of your kids need at least 9 hours of sleep for optimal health (and good grades!).

COVID VACCINE: I continue to encourage you to get your students and your families vaccinated. Please contact me for support if needed. Don’t forget to get your FLU shot too! Please turn your student’s COVID vaccine record in to me if you haven’t.

Proof of vaccination: Try this site:  iPhone users: you can now put your vaccination record in your Apple Health app (and Apple Wallet)

Need ideas for holiday gifts? Refresh your student’s mask supply with some fun new designs!

PLEASE EAT MORE PLANTS to keep your student and your family healthier and smarter. Try these yummy but healthy lemon oat pancakes with your family.

Please be in touch with me to discuss any medical, health, or wellness concerns.
Stay healthy and be well,
Dvora Citron, RN, MS
925-280-2970 x7128
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