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Counselor assignments are by last name.
A – Dr  Anne Schonauer
Du-Kr  Christine Todd
Ku-Rog  Marissa Meadows
Roh-Z  Susan Martin

Tuesday, Dec 14 through Friday, Dec 17 Final Exams 2nd Quarter is almost over!  This is the last week before final exams – students should be doing a lot of review in classes this week. Here is the finals week schedule:

Counselor Appointments Counselors are finishing up checking in with all 10th graders during December. We are always seeing any student for drop-in appointments.

Semester Grades  First semester grades will be available by Friday, January 7th.  Report cards will be mailed home to all students.

Second Semester Class Changes Counselors will be changing some student schedules during the first 10 days of second semester only. There are limited options, as our classes are year-long by design. Have your student see their counselor if they wish to discuss a class change.