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Return to Hybrid Update

This Week’s School Schedule
As AHS prepares to open for hybrid instruction, the following calendar is in effect for March 8 through March 12

  • Monday, March 8: Non-school day for all students
  • Tuesday, March 9 through Friday, March 12:
    • In-person student orientation (see schedule below) 
    • Asynchronous schedule. Students must check in each day at 9am with their Cohort Academy teacher. 
    • On Tuesday & Wednesday, students will have required modules in Canvas regarding health and safety during hybrid learning. 
    • On Thursday and Friday, teachers will assign regular coursework.

Tuesday through Friday from 10a to 12n Student Orientation
Student orientation is required for all students attending in-person school; students not attending school in person are welcome but it is not mandatory. Orientation is approximately 40 minutes for grades 10 through 12; 60 minutes for 9th graders. Refer to this online document for event details and specific times by last name.

  • Tuesday, March 9 – Seniors
  • Wednesday, March 10 – Juniors
  • Thursday, March 11 – Sophomores
  • Friday, March 12 – Frosh

Required Health Screening
All students are required to complete a COVID-19 screening every day that they come to school, including next week’s orientation. Health screenings should be completed in the morning prior to arriving at school. AHS recommends that students use the cell/mobile set up as it allows for a daily text reminder. Email registration is also available. 

Student Cohort Reminder
All students have been assigned a group based on their selection of either in-person hybrid or fully-remote learning. Please log in to Aeries
PASS parent portal to confirm your student’s group. Refer to the district website for your student’s specific schedule as determined by their group.

Additional Resources

  • ICYMI: Read Principal Bell’s email from March 2 detailing AHS projected return to hybrid guide and checklist
  • Visit this District online document for the latest details regarding the return to hybrid instruction including student schedules, FAQs, timelines and more. 
  • View Contra Costa County tier metrics here

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