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Students get diplomas when they graduate from high school, but I think they should also get diplomas for simply surviving the teen years. 
Melanie Willard
We hope you were able to join us for The Well-Balanced Student Presentation with Laura Easley and Douglas Tsoi from Challenge Success, hosted by the APC Parent Education committee. It was a great event, and we hope to obtain a recording of the talk for those who might have missed. And many thanks to Allen Choi and Andie Nishimi for being panelists to help support our parents/guardians/teens further.
If you’d like more reading, here are the Best Greater Good Articles chosen by Greater Good editors from 2021. It has a wide range of topics so there should be something for all!
Finally, if your teen is struggling with academics or feeling down or frustrated about school, don’t forget to connect with our Counselors, our Nurse, and our Wellness Center. Feel free to reach out and connect with us with ideas for future topics, shareable resources, or thoughts at