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ICYMI, here is a recording of Ron Lieber’s talk based on his book “The Price you Pay for College.”  Ron gave an informative and eye-opening talk on additional factors to consider when choosing colleges and universities.
Tuesday, Oct 12 at 11:30am Navigating Trauma for Kids and Teens: Back to School and COVID, presented by Mental Health America.  Some of us may still be struggling with the impact of this 18 month long ordeal. Registration link here.
Finally, as parents we may not know the best way to talk to our teens about drug use, but it’s important that we do as the news reflects why.  Recently, there was a crackdown on fentanyl-laced pills that has already led to numerous deaths and has been predicted to have the potential for thousands more. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid typically sold on the streets and through social media; it has been made to look like other prescribed medicines like Xanax and Percocet. Also, it has recently been shown that cannabis can increase risk of breakthrough COVID cases as presented in this article.
Here are some tips from Harvard Health Publishing on how to talk to your teens, prevention tips for teen drug use, as well as additional resources on having honest and important conversations about drug use.
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