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Parent Education

How do we as parents help our teens become more technology-literate especially since they have so much access to it?  What are the risks for our teens while on social media?  The Social Dilemma can help you learn more about the risks. It is available for free in a variety of languages on YouTube until the end of the month.
You are invited to join Miramonte’s first parent education event of the year with JustineFonte, Monday, Sept 20 from 6:45-8:15pm via Zoom about the impact of the pornography industry on the sexual health of our students. The digital age brings a new level of complexity with regard to sexuality. How do we understand our bodies, behaviors, and beliefs about sex when they are heavily influenced by pornography and other explicit media content? Our youth are particularly vulnerable. How can we promote sex-positivity when pornography is the default sex ed for many teens? This session will examine these questions, equip parents to talk with their teen(s), and offer time for Q&A. Please click the link to register.
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