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Project LPIE Is Here!
Project LPIE is an annual competition that celebrates Acalanes High School students for their project-based learning, both inside and outside the classroom, with opportunities for entry in 10 different categories. This event is open to all Acalanes High School students. Cash prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Students must let LPIE know they want to submit a project by completing the online registration form here. For more details visit

  • March 22 – Register for Project LPIE 
  • April 12 – Projects due 
  • May 6 – Winners will be announced and notified by LPIE 

This week, during LPIE’s “It’s Up to All of Us” video series, parent Eli Chan sheds light on the value of “people” funded by LPIE, which makes up 72% of the support LPIE gives to our schools. These are skilled individuals who provide instruction, expanded learning opportunities, mental health services, and so much more for our students. Imagine what our children’s educational experience would be like without these people. These positions are not “extra”; they are essential.

Laura-Kate Rurka & Jennifer Palmer
Acalanes LPIE School Chairs

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