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  1. AUHSD postcard to arrive on or after: Jul 8
  2. Parent email from AUHSD with detailed online registration instructions: Jul 23
  3. Online registration open: Jul 29 – Aug 12
  4. Classes of 2027 and 2028 families, new families or families who have moved must complete IN PERSON residency verification:
    1. Jul 29 – Aug 12 from 8am-4pm in the Acalanes Main Office
    2. Jul 31 evening hours (open until 8pm) in the Acalanes Main Office
    3. Aug 1 evening hours (open until 8pm) in the AUHSD District Office
  5. Dons Day: Aug 12 from 7:30-11:30am
    1. New Student Orientation: 11:30am (meet at flagpole)
    2. Frosh Orientation: 12-1:30pm (start in PAC)
    3. New Parent Orientation: 12pm (in Library)
Please save these dates and be on the lookout for the registration postcard. You can access the 2024-2025 AUHSD calendar here.
If you have any questions please reach out to


The Acalanes Parents Club would like to thank the following APC Board Members and Committee Chairs who are stepping down from their role or graduating from Acalanes. APC is grateful for their dedication to making our community stronger and our school a better place for all of our students.

  • President – Kelly Daggs
  • Past President/Parliamentarian – Veronique Kuhner
  • Assistant Treasurer – Eng Young
  • Campus Enhancement –  Denise Cain
  • Social Media Manager – Veronica Valencia
  • LPIE AHS School Chair – Jaime Roder
  • Dons Day Coordinators – Amy O’Rear
  • Parent Education Events – Elsa Troy
  • Senior Class Liaisons – Claire Gallacher, Beth Goldberg, Becki Hanson, Joy Martin, Amy Parlett

Congratulations to the 215 students who received an AHS or President’s award for their outstanding community service! This was a record high year for community service with Dons volunteering 15,970 hours.
Please note that important revisions have been made to the award guidelines to clarify what service counts and to promote student service for the broader community. Some of the changes include:

  • New requirement to submit hours within one month of service
  • New limits on AHS and AHS Club service hours
  • New guidelines that allow for some for profit volunteering (senior centers, camps, teaching assistants and coaches)
  • NEW Excellence in Community Service Recognition for graduating seniors

You can find the detailed updated guidelines here that will apply to all service hours submitted between Apr 20, 2024 to Apr 18, 2025. If you or your student have any questions, please email us at  (And if your student emails us but hasn’t heard back, please make sure they check their spam folder!).
Happy summer!

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