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Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness
In tomorrow’s Cohort Academy, students will be exploring this topic, and you will receive more information from Principal Bell about it. 

Suicide can be a scary topic for parents to think about and discuss. You have our compassionate understanding on that! As mental health support professionals, we also know that it’s essential to talk about the reality of mental health challenges and suicidal ideation in adolescence. And it’s critical to know the signs and how to help. Being open about suicide does NOT cause a person to contemplate it more seriously. That’s one of the many myths surrounding suicide, and mental health challenges that we can all play a role in dispelling. 

The Wellness Team will provide the content and resources for Monday’s discussion, and you can ask your student to share with you what they learned. To help you with the conversation, visit this resource from a wonderful organization called Each Mind Matters. If your student misses Cohort Academy, the entire presentation will be available to them in Canvas–you can suggest that you watch it with them. And as always, if you’re concerned about your student’s mental health, fill out a wellness referral HERE

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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