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Wellness Center

Change can be difficult – even positive life transitions cause stress.  As the new Wellness Coordinator I am thankful I get to pursue my life mission helping kids overcome obstacles that may impede them from leading joyful lives. Along with this positive development, I have encountered stress. To counteract this, I acknowledge the transition and become intentional about finding peace: walking to get ice cream, zoning out to 90’s R&B, and feeling the wind as I bike ride. Our students, too, are in a transition from enjoying more carefree summers to managing alarm clocks, class schedules, and homework while navigating complex social structures. These transitional stressors are added on top of existing concerns. Let’s help our kids out during this difficult transitional period by encouraging them to incorporate some fun or relaxation in their lives. A few minutes of enjoyment and peace can go a long way toward recharging, being happy, and being better students.  

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator (ext. 7150)
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist (ext. 7136)