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Radical acceptance is a powerful tool that can be used to cope with difficult situations that are out of our control. The premise is that by accepting things as they are, instead of internally fighting circumstances, we are able to reduce suffering. Radical acceptance is a challenging concept for many because it’s human nature to want to fight against things we don’t agree with. However, when utilized in a mindful manner, it gives us the opportunity to process in ways that better serve us. Keep in mind, radical acceptance is not choosing to be okay with something we don’t like or agree with but instead accepting “it is what it is”.
As we approach spring break, many of our AHS students know that the end of the school year is near. Practicing radical acceptance with your student might be the perspective shift they need to motivate themselves to finish the year strong. This is especially important for students that might be struggling to turn in work or keep their grades up. It can often feel overwhelming for students to fall behind but with radical acceptance the hope is they can accept the reality of their situation while empowering themselves to make choices to move forward in a positive manner.