News & Announcements

Week of 11/11 Update

Friday, Nov 15 from 7:45am-1:45pm
SF State Tour Reschedule 
Email Ms. Reicher if interested

Academy Period Opportunities (20 student limit)

     Nov 13 UC application help
     Nov 15 CSU application help
     Nov 20 all application help
     Nov 22 all application help
     Dec 4 Community College Planning

College Visits This Week  Over the past few months, we’ve had over 150 college admissions reps meet with our students on campus to share the inside track on their university and admittance process.  They have been an invaluable resource to our students. If you’d like to participate, sign up in Naviance and get a pass from CCC to join us.

            Nov 21, 12:25pm Connecticut College

Seniors  Any senior is encouraged to schedule an appointment with Wendy Reicher if you need additional help.  Email Ms. Reicher, with subject line “make an appointment with you.”  Make sure your college list has been reviewed by Ms. Reicher because we are in tune with the admissions landscape and want to set you up for success!