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Smile With Your Eyes!
I am resharing face mask resources: one from our District and one from the CDC. It’s really important that we’re all consistent for health and safety reasons, and to build a culture of trust. 

  • Please note the types of masks that are NOT acceptable.
  • Make sure to wear a CLEAN mask every day.
  • Please wear your mask so that the top covers the bridge of your nose and the bottom goes under your chin. If you are constantly readjusting, it does not fit properly.

Please report any COVID-related absences to the Attendance Recorder as soon as possible so I can do appropriate follow-up.

Updated Medical Documentation Needed for Students in Hybrid
We still need updated medical documentation for your student, especially if they will be participating in the Hybrid Model. Does your student need medication available at school? Does your student have updated medical issues/health issues? Do they have a new immunization record? Parents, please make sure you turn in any pertinent medical forms for your students for this school year, especially if your students will be in the Hybrid Model. See this page on my website and let me know if you have any questions.

COVID District Protocol
Available on AUHSD site and on
my site.

February is Heart Health Month
We think a lot about what we can do as adults to promote heart health, and I want to put in a BIG PLUG for Lifestyle Medicine.  These same strategies are important to promote good health in our kids/students and hopefully prevent/reduce in their development of cardiovascular disease (it doesn’t just appear in adulthood – it takes years to develop).

Free Yoga Class I want to share a wonderful resource with you that supports neuroregulation: Subtle® Yoga for Greater Nervous System Resilience and Brain Function Subtle Yoga is very accessible, and is beneficial for anyone and everyone. Enjoy!

Stay healthy and be well,

Dvora Citron, RN, MS

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