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Acalanes students need SLEEP to:

  • Excel in the classroom by maximizing attention, memory and learning abilities
  • Perform better in sports by being faster, stronger and more accurate
  • Feel positive and have a more optimistic attitude toward life
  • Look their best and maintain a healthy weight
  • Have fun and enjoy life by making better decisions and staying safe

Teens need between 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Working backwards, if your student can get to school on time if they sleep until 7am, they should be considering going to bed as early as 9pm but not later than 11pm. Parents can assist their students in prioritizing their sleep environment and sleep windows.

To optimize sleep quality, parents can help by:

  • Keeping digital devices out of the room
  • Leaving 3 hours between eating and going to sleep
  • Having a wind-down time before bed
  • Being prepared for the next day before going to bed (including having breakfast and snacks ready/available)

UPFs are ultraprocessed foods, which are so readily available and consumed by most Americans. In guiding your family towards optimal health and well-being, consider what options you might have for substituting just one UPF you regularly consume with a healthier option. HERE is a current article referencing UPFs in the school setting.
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