Students can take advantage of the extra help available at Acalanes’ Peer Tutoring Center, a 100% APC-funded program. Tutoring is available every day.  No appointment is necessary. Peer Tutoring is open during Academy period, 7th period and after school until 4:00 p.m. The Peer Tutoring room is located in the enclosed hallway next to the small theater. Highly qualified junior and senior students work under the supervision of Peer Tutoring coordinators Fran Taylor and Mary McCosker.

Contact Fran or Mary by email at and for more information and/or if you have questions.

Peer Tutoring Help!

 Has your student been to peer tutoring yet? This invaluable resource is available to all Dons every day during lunch, 7th period, Academy and after school until 4pm.  APC funds the entire program including two professional staffers who manage the selection and training of peer tutors. Their expertise is second to none. Now, with plenty of time before finals, is the perfect time for your student to get some extra help in a tricky subject or just use the study space to get some homework done before heading home. They don’t have to use a tutor if they don’t need help, but there is always a tutor on hand if they do!  (Bonus: They have candy!) 

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