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Parent Education

Teach your kids that love is their end game; that mistakes can be lessons; that the hardest of those lessons will teach them about boundaries and self-respect. Those loud voices can bring change. That taking up space is important. That it’s okay to be unlike anyone else. That in the end, acting with love brings more love, for themselves and for others. -Parents Magazine
How to help our teens be good citizens online: Here is a resource/study on digital citizenship education that may help provide you more insight and guidance on how to support your teens.

If you missed the Challenge Success talk on a Healthy Approach to College Admissions, you have another opportunity! They will be presenting again Friday, March 4th at 4pm online for $10. Register here!  Here is an article on how to support your teens through this process. And for your students, here is an article on how to avoid the college “prestige” trap as well as an article on misconceptions on college choice and success in life.
Finally, if your teen is struggling with academics or feeling down or frustrated about school, don’t forget to connect with our Counselors, our Nurse, and our Wellness Center. Feel free to reach out and connect with us with ideas for future topics, shareable resources, or thoughts at