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Parent Cohort Preview from AHS Admin

Nationally recognized speaker Keith Hawkins, will help lead a student dialogue about resiliency, perseverance and finding your “why” during Monday morning’s Cohort session. Check in with your student after school and see how it went. Here are some questions you can ask to continue the dialogue at home:

  • What current struggle are you dealing with right now? What are the reasons you will stick it out and persevere even though I know it might be a struggle. 
  • Turn your “I can’t” statements into “I can” statements. Resilience starts in your mind. Your self-talk is one of your most powerful tools. Take challenges in stages. Break down the challenge into steps that are more manageable. Do one task at a time.
  • What is a goal you have for yourself? What is your first step towards meeting that goal? How can I support?

In addition, Keith will be live on Wednesday at lunch to further dialogue with our students around resilience and perseverance. Please encourage your student to attend. The Zoom link will be sent out through Canvas.