from email sent Tuesday, October 6, 2021
Hello Acalanes Families,
As parents of Acalanes students and leaders within our AHS support organizations, we’d like to remind you about Thursday’s AUHSD webinar on the first two Equity Cohort Lessons and encourage you to attend.
This is the first of several education evenings the district is hosting on the lessons. The webinar presents a perfect opportunity for parents and caregivers to hear directly from our district about what these lessons are, and just as important, what they are not. The webinar is a safe space to gather more information about what our students are learning at school and give us the ability to continue those conversations at home.
We are inspired by the district’s purpose for these lessons and what they have designed them to do: cultivate community, educate students how they can reach out for help if/when needed, foster belonging at school and help them re-engage and have fun together. And while the lessons may at times deal with challenging subjects, the objective of each lesson is not about how to think, but about how to respectfully interact with each other. Our students will continue to learn how to take part in difficult conversations and listen to different perspectives while treating each other with respect and dignity – learning this process is the crux of the Equity Lessons. We are fortunate to work with a district that understands and prioritizes this critical life skill.
We appreciate your engagement with our school and our students, and we hope you will join us on Thursday night at 5:30pm for the webinar. Please click here to register.
Acalanes Community Always,