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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Important Dates

  • April – Autism Awareness month
  • Apr 22 Passover begins

This year, Passover begins tomorrow, April 22 at sundown and ends on Tuesday, April 30 at sundown. Passover, or “Pesach” in Hebrew, is an eight-day (or seven in Israel) celebration that commemorates the Jewish people’s escape from slavery in ancient Egypt. Passover involves several traditional events that honor the history of the Jewish people. During the first two nights of Passover, a Seder meal is hosted, which includes ritual blessings and symbolic food and drinks. Additionally, Passover customs require several changes to daily life. During Passover, observant Jews forgo leavened grain and bread products. Instead, these foods are replaced with matzah, an unleavened cracker or flatbread. Some households also refrain from working, driving, and using electricity. You can learn even more here.
DEI’s ‘24/25 planning is underway. Please share any thoughts or ideas you have with us here. This is a collaborative process; we encourage participation. It is important that a plethora of voices and ideas are heard. We are also looking for members of our community that would like to be more involved. Time commitment and involvement is up to you but the more you do, the bigger impact you will have on our Acalanes community.

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