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Counselor assignments are by last name.
A-Dr Anne Schonauer  
Du-Kr Christine Todd  
Ku-Rog Marissa Meadows 
Roh-Z Susan Martin
Academic Eligibility for Spring Sports
Students playing AHS sports in the spring session need a 2.0+ GPA to stay eligible to participate. The 3rd quarter grades will be used to determine eligibility and will be checked at the end of the week of March 14.
Summer School Applications Available
If your student has D or F grades from past semesters and they want to make them up, they can enroll in our Summer Schoolprogram. F grades in required classes need to be made up, D grades can be made up to stay 4-year college eligible. Please have your student see their counselor to sign up.
Geometry for Advancement – Summer School
If your 9th grader is doing well in Algebra 1 and wants to advance in math, we offer a summer Geometry class that enables students to enroll at the Algebra 2 level in 10th grade. Please contact your counselor for more information.