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College & Career


  • Scholarship Opportunity – Check out this site for many scholarships!
  • Rossmoor Scholarship Foundation: If your family has financial need and your child has been actively involved in community service, please check out this generous $2,500 scholarship!
  • American Association of University Women: (AAUW) offers three $2,000 Scholarships to a graduating young woman who demonstrates a sustained commitment to community service as well as a grade point average of at least 3.0. If you know someone who meets these criteria, please share or email me.
  • Academy – The priority deadline for Cal State Application for many campuses has been extended to December 15. We will continue working on any application support. Students can share essays on Google Docs with me too!


  • Parent Night-Mark your calendar! Susan Martin, our counselor, and Debbie Levy will host a Junior Parent night to learn more about the college application timeline and career opportunities on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 in the PAC at 6:30pm. The event will be recorded and posted.
  • PSAT review – Please set up a 1:1 appointment to go over your child’s PSAT scores and take a deeper look at your students’ strengths and areas for growth.
  • University of California TIPS for next year! Check out this to learn the Comprehensive Review criteria for which the UC’s follow to evaluate students for admission.


  • PSAT review – Please set up an appointment to go over your student’s PSAT scores if taken.
  • Jobs! There are many job opportunities once your child turns 16. Please send them to the CCC to learn more.
  • Volunteer  Here are some volunteer options to get you started. Check out the newforms for tracking volunteer service hours for recognized service awards.