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Co-Associate Principals’ Message

Wonderful Dons Community,

What a month this has been. We started March excited to plan the Spring and are ending it dealing with something none of us have ever experienced. We know how hard this has been for all of us, especially our students. If you have not already, please follow @ahs_dons on Instagram and our Blueprint Online to help stay connected. We are proud to see what our community is doing right now to take care of one another in these unprecedented times.

Please take the next week to take care of yourselves, we look forward to connecting after spring break.

Go Dons,
Andrea Powers and Mike Plant
#communitycantbecanceld #DonsShowUp #LoveLafayette

Also, here’s Principal Bell and Associate Principals Andrea Powers and Mike Plant wishing all Dons students a safe and healthy spring break. Watch their message here.