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Athletic PE: How It Works

Do you still have questions about the Athletic Physical Education program?  Following is the basic info, with more details on how the program works on the AHS Athletic PE web page.  (Freshman parents: while this information is helpful to know now, it isn’t necessary to act on anything until the Spring when course selections are made.)

Acalanes students are required to complete four semesters of Physical Education classes to graduate. All freshmen take two semesters of PE 9 and must complete a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) in the Spring of their Freshmen year.  

Students who pass their Physical Fitness Test may fulfill their final two semesters of PE by either taking two semesters of PE at some point during grades 10-12 or by participating in two Acalanes team sport seasons (Fall, Winter or Spring) during 10-11 grades. 

Keep in mind that your student is responsible for initiating and maintaining their Athletic PE contract (e.g., logging hours weekly) throughout the season of the sport they play.  You can help guide your student to meet the necessary program requirements.