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Acalanes Community Always (ACA)

We had a garden work party last Sunday, Apr 21, in honor of Earth Day. A few kids and adults showed up to help us finish our spring planting and weeding!! All 11 beds in the farm are planted, mostly with plants that the garden club grew from seed. We are growing tomatoes, peppers (bell and hot), eggplant, squash (summer and winter), cucumbers, a few cantaloupes, collard greens, swiss chard, kale, basil, some oregano and thyme, and we also planted carrot, radish, arugula and bean seeds. We have new soil in the newly raised beds and drip irrigation installed and running on a timer. We are excited to have our plants “in the ground” and can’t wait until we have our first harvest.
Our goal is to provide produce to the Acalanes staff, students, and parents. If there is enough, we want to expand that to the general community, with anything left over going to White Pony as they have a system set up for distributing food they collect to those in need. 
We also worked for a couple of hours weeding – they are out of control!  What that means is we need to add more cardboard and mulch. If you have cardboard, please remove all tape and labels before dropping it off in room 201.
Finally – we will have summer work times to weed (and eventually harvest) and will send out the schedule once we set it up. Thanks for all of your support!
Questions?  Contact Ms. Tewksbury at