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Parents say they want kids to be caring, but pay more attention to achievement.  Ironically, kids raised to be kind are more successful in school and work (and happier too).  We shouldn’t just ask kids what they accomplished. We should also ask who they helped-and who helped them. -Adam Grant
Monday, Feb 28 at 6:30pm in the Miramonte Library. Miramonte Parent Ed will be hosting a talk on Achievement Pressure: What is it doing to our Kids. Speaker is Bryan Clark, PsyD. Masks will be required.
Wednesday, Mar 23 at 6:30 pm at the Miramonte Theater. Miramonte Parent Ed will also be hosting Start Smart, an interactive safe driving class for teens. Attending students will receive a certificate from CHP (California Highway Patrol) to present to their insurance company.
Thursday, Mar 24 Acalanes Parent Ed will be hosting Cynthia Muchnick, M.A., author, speaker, and educational consultant on Alternatives to College and College Prep. Cindy will be speaking in person and available to sign purchased books afterwards. More details soon!
Finally, if your teen is struggling with academics or feeling down or frustrated about school, don’t forget to connect with our Counselors, our Nurse, and our Wellness Center. Feel free to reach out and connect with us with ideas for future topics, shareable resources, or thoughts at