Message from the APC President

MAY 28, 2023

Parents & Guardians,

Finals are over which means summer break has begun! Congratulations to all of our students and staff for completing another successful school year!

This is the final parent newsletter of the 2022-23 school year and therefore, my last as President. I would like to extend my immense GRATITUDE to every parent/guardian who said YES! and signed up to volunteer for something this year. At the top of this list is the APC Board of Directors who constantly work behind the scenes to make sure you are informed, all students and staff are cared for, major events happen, the campus is loved (as much as it can be!), Peer Tutoring is thriving, College & Career is growing and the budget is balanced! ‘THANK YOU’ is not enough but please join me in recognizing:

  • Kristen Labrosse
  • Michele Colaco
  • Katharine Wallace
  • Heidi Hambidge
  • Jen Dodge
  • Kelly Daggs
  • Raina Foster
  • Natasha Acuna-Kapoor
  • Nina Ruebner
  • Eng Young
  • Andrea Hilsabeck
  • Lori MacLeod
  • Nicole Long

You have been an amazing Board and I know next year will be equally as incredible with the wonderful Kelly Daggs at the reins!!

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to the Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2023! Our very best to you and your graduates. We will miss you but always remember, Once a DON, Always a DON 💙

Have a wonderful summer Acalanes,
Veronique Kuhner

PS – there are important summer dates for you to be aware of so please continue to read below.

Special Thank You to APC President, Veronique Kuhner

This edition of the APC Newsletter marks the end of Veronique Kuhner’s term as President of the Acalanes Parents Club. On behalf of the APC Board and the entire Acalanes Community, we’d like to thank Veronique for her five years on the APC Board (one more to go!) and the countless hours she has dedicated to Acalanes. At any given time, you can find Veronique (and her family!) at clean-up days, performances, games, and Acalanes events – attending and participating in everything her schedule allows. Her energy brightens every room she enters, and her participation elevates every event to the next level. Thank you again, Veronique, and we wish you and your family a wonderful summer and an amazing Senior year.

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