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Children don’t just need to be loved; they need to know that nothing they do will change the fact that they are loved.
Alfie Kohn

Lots of talks to have on your radar if you have the time, energy, and inclination (all online):

Monday, Nov. 15 at 7pm Navigating School District Services For Children with Special Needs – Talk Hosted by The Center for Children and Youth
Join this talk to learn about the Individual with Disabilities Education Act, 504 educational plans, and IEPs(Individualized Education Program), and how the schools can support your child’s specific learning needs. Cost is $45.

Tuesday, Nov 16th at 7pm Colin Seale – The Question is the Answer: Practical Strategies to Unleash Critical Thinking At Home
MVLA Parent Speaker Series hosts Mr. Seale, an educator, attorney, and author of Thinking Like a Lawyer. He will share powerful, yet practical tools to equip parents to foster and engage critical thinking in their children. Registration link for this free event is here.

Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 4pm Challenge Success, a non-profit organization that focuses on the well-being of the student, will be hosting a Healthier Approach to College Admissions talk, helping parents to support their students’ well-being during the college admission process and beyond. Registration link is here with a recording sent afterwards for those who cannot attend the live event. Cost is $10.

Finally, if your teen is struggling with academics or feeling down or frustrated about school, don’t forget to connect with our Counselors, our Nurse, and our Wellness Center.

Feel free to reach out and connect with us with ideas for future topics, shareable resources, or thoughts at