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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Endangered animals, skiing, model UN, Jewish culture…we support the work of many of our student clubs! Every student belongs at Acalanes, and their interests help form meaningful connections on campus. Talk to your student about joining or starting a club. Bonus – clubs meet during the school day so students can work it into their schedules. Learn more here
Let’s Cheer!  ACA debuts first female football player.
As many of you may have recently seen, Acalanes has its first female football player on the JV team this year. Lucca DeBiasse and her teammates will help to kick off our Dons football season soon and as they do, we are reminded that football has the power to bring us together. Check out this inspiring trailer for “First Down”, a gripping short film on an underdog, all-girls, high school tackle football league that shows why girls also belong in pads and how players empower one another on and off the field. “We all have different backgrounds, but when we get on the field together we are all the same…we want to do big things and make this history.”
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