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With COVID cases back on the rise, there is no better time to quit a smoking or vaping habit than today. The lungs are at the forefront of your immune system. Inhaling irritants such as smoke and vapor can cause an even stronger immune response if exposed to COVID. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that not only are people that smoke and vape five to seven times more likely to test positive for COVID, but they are also more likely to develop serious complications if infected. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes and, even more so, vaping poses an increased risk for anyone that may inhale infected droplets in the air. If you or your student has a smoking or vaping habit, check with your healthcare professional to discuss cessation options. Quitting smoking is not only beneficial to wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic but to long term health as well. (source: Coronavirus: Smoking, Vaping, Wildfire Smoke and Air Pollution | Johns Hopkins Medicine)