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Wellness Center

This week we joined 8,000 educators and mental health professionals on the California Wellness Together webinar sponsored by the state’s Department of Education. We engaged in learning around practices, policies and programs to inform and strengthen student supports. It was gratifying to realize that many of the plans we put in place in advance of the training had all the right ideas. Some of the most important things we can do for all students is to listen, encourage, reassure, and normalize their experience. We continue to reach out to students to refine our offering in terms of theme, content, and timing. We’re analyzing the results of our school-wide survey and will be switching up the time of day of our offerings so that more students are available. We’re grateful to the many Dons who showed up for Wellness by attending a session and by filling out the survey. We humbly share with you a comment from one of the many students who’ve reached out to say they appreciate us: “I think what you are doing has so much potential for impacting many teens’ lives in a positive way. I just felt happier after our zoom.” Whenever we get to connect with students, we just feel happier too. We’ll continue to have Tuesday-Friday offerings this week and students can check loopmail for details. (CS 4/17 @5:16pm)