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We thought we’d use the opportunity to report out on the various lunchtime programs we held this past week. We started a weekly poetry group for connecting our own experience and emotions to the written word. Students and staff came together to engage in “civil discourse”. Since we looked up the definition before shaping the offer, we’ll share that it means “conversation designed to increase understanding”. We were so blown away by how gratifying it was for us to hear how much students appreciated being heard and listening to others! In the isolated conditions created by the shelter-in-place restrictions, we really need to name our experiences and to have it normalized by others. We are NOT alone even if it can sometimes feel that way. Encourage your students to power through the reluctance and inertia that keeps them from doing “one more zoom”– the optional programming put on by the various groups at school is so valuable for connection to each other and to purpose and meaning. We’re energized to continue to develop these programs because we know they matter. And your students honestly fill our cups! (CS 1/21 3:24)

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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