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Everyone who endured the pandemic has much to be proud of and that goes for students especially. Adolescence is a critical stage that requires so much in the way of social development. And while they may not have had the developmental opportunities we wanted for them, we assure you that each and every student was rising to meet incredible challenges. As the new year begins, it is critical that there be a period of reflection on 2020 to help inform 2021. We created the Wellness Review (a list of 20 questions about 2020) for students to use a reflection tool. Research shows that self-reflecting not only embeds learning, it also creates a foundation for future learning. As your student begins second semester knowing that the vaccine is on the horizon, we really can say with confidence that the pandemic will end. Let’s make sure they take the opportunity to look at 2020 with an assets-based lens, rather than a deficit one so they can enter the new year with resilience and a commitment to take care of their bodies, hearts and minds.

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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