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Periodically, we facilitate round table discussions on big issues, and this week, we had an important talk with student facilitators and attendees, featuring Contra Costa County District Attorney Colleen Gleason, who runs the County Sexual Assault/Child Molestation and Abuse Unit. The focus of the conversation was on supporting victims in getting help when they’ve suffered abuse. Students were able to ask questions and learn new perspectives on what “support” and the process of getting justice looks like. Most importantly, DA Gleason shared advice you can give your kids: if they go to a party, use the buddy system AND if they get assaulted, tell someone (and assure your child that they will not “get in trouble” for doing so). Finally, it’s important that the individual go to the hospital as soon as possible following an assault. 

Here is a fantastic resource with videos on consent and other important topics: Community Violence Solutions. These conversations are so important and we think you’ll find that if you lean into them, you – and your student – will be happy you did. 

Allen Choi
, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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