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This last week was a lot, wasn’t it? We had daily open sessions at lunch time for students to visit and we used a “circles” process which comes from the field of restorative justice. It’s a beautiful trend in education that is based on Native American traditions. In this process, there are core values and guidelines and everyone who wants to share responds to a prompt. We all speak from our own experience and we focus on feelings–in the mind, heart, body. There’s no debate or responding, just listening to each other and meeting one another where we’re at. Students talked about being tired, anxious, and uneasy but as folks shared, the atmosphere lightened as it became more connected and everyone felt supported. It’s important to name these things. There’s an expression we love in Restorative Justice circles– “Everything that is needed is right here”. And that was true this week! Students talked about the need for self-care during difficult times–how to turn off social media and anxious thoughts, how to move our bodies to relieve tension, and how to CONNECT with family and friends when you’re feeling alone or overwhelmed. Another of our favorite tips that several students shared: “When you feel like you don’t have control, make a list and get stuff done!” And last but not least, when you can, take a day off which we’ll all do on Wednesday! 

Thursday, Nov 19 at 5:30p – “Caring for Oneself & Others”
Brought to you by the Contra Costa Crisis Center, and CourAge Youth Health Coalition. Register
here to attend online. 

Allen Choi, Wellness Coordinator
Casey Sasner, Intake Specialist

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