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COVID: Please call in your student’s absence to the Attendance Recorder and continue to follow the district’s Covid guidance. The school is not notifying teachers, so students should access Canvas as much as possible and stay in contact with their teachers to communicate their remote progress in their classes.
One Pill Can Kill
Please see my website for more information on medications, health issues, forms, etc.
Nutrition Tips:  1. Take your kid(s) to the grocery store with you and have them pick out healthy snacks and foods (especially fruits and vegetables). They’ll be more invested in their food choices when they get to help choose!  2. Have an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits available for them (apples, bananas, celery, carrots, salad ingredients). 
Book Recommendation:  Atomic Habits:  I’m still reading it but it has a great framework for designing effective strategies for change based on cultivating qualities vs. just achieving goals. Wonderful way to engage in family discussions and practice.

Dvora Citron, RN, MS
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