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Parenting Teens in Uncertain Times
Monday, April 25 to Wednesday, May 4. This is a 10-day free summit for parents, caregivers and anyone who wants to create a better future for our teens.

April is Alcohol Responsibility Month.
To be quite honest, I rarely see much attention paid to Under-age Drinking these days. This is an important topic to discuss regularly with our adolescents and we need to remember that it is dangerous to normalize any unhealthy behavior. Please see resources at for more information.

COVID-19 Information:

  • New Masking Mandate  As of Saturday, Mar 12, the state masking mandate has transitioned from “required” to “strongly recommended”. While masks will no longer be required,  “masks remain one of the most effective and simplest safety mitigation layers to prevent transmission of COVID-19 infections” (CDPH). Masks will still be available to those who need or want one. Students who return after Day 5 of Covid infection must mask through Day 10.
  • Remain Alert to COVID symptoms, continue to report COVID+ cases to us (especially Attendance) and keep your students home when they are ill.
  • COVID Isolation, Quarantines and Test Kits The current guidelines for return to school after COVID illness require a negative COVID test (if returning before 10 days). Please see Principal Shawn’s COVID FAQs for more details. We continue to update policy based on the County Health Department guidance.

If there is any possibility that your student has had a head injury/concussion, please make sure that your student is evaluated as soon as possible by a physician experienced in evaluating and treating concussion. Here is the concussion packet families need if their student has a concussion, and here are some very informative podcasts from Concussion Legacy Foundation (CLF).

Please be in touch with me to discuss any medical, health, or wellness concerns.

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