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Trauma-Informed? Agencies and organizations are becoming educated and trained about the concept of being Trauma-Informed. HERE is a short article on cultivating Trauma-Informed Parenting.

COVID Despite the relaxation of the mask mandate, we will continue to wear well-fitted masks correctly at school. Please remain alert to COVID symptoms, continue to report COVID+ cases to us (especially Attendance) and keep your students home when they are ill. Most students are now eligible to get Vaccine boosters – PLEASE DO!!!  Our community is working hard to stay healthy and the high vaccination rate and observance of health department guidelines helps keep students in school learning. If you haven’t yet, please submit your students’ COVID vaccine records. 

COVID Isolation, Quarantines and Test Kits The current guidelines for return to school after COVID illness require a negative COVID test (if returning before 10 days).  If your student is testing in the School Nurse Office, please make sure they register with Primary Health. School sites do NOT have more test kits to distribute. Please see Principal Shawn’s COVID FAQs for more details. We continue to update policy based on the County Health Department guidance.

Make sure you always have your proof of vaccination! Try this site- iPhone users- you can now put your vaccinationrecord in your Apple Health app (and Apple Wallet).

Tuesday, Apr 12 from 7pm ET to 8:30pm ET Mindfulness and Media Webinar to learn the steps you can take to help teens navigate technology in a savvy and healthy way.

Invest In Your Students Future! How do you support them in Eating 5 A Day (Fruits and Vegetables)? Hint: Apples, bananas and oranges are portable and easy to grab on the way to school. Bags of cut-up veggies can be prepared in advance too.

Please be in touch with me to discuss any medical, health, or wellness concerns.

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