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School Nurse

Welcome DONS! I’m the Acalanes School Nurse, Dvora Citron. I’m in my office (in the Main Attendance Office) from 7:30 am – 3:20 pm on most days.  Please come by to meet me. I’ll also be at Dons Day.

GOT MEDS???  Health Conditions and Medications If your student has a medical condition and/or needs medication available at school, please go to this link on my webpage to get the appropriate forms.  All forms need to be filled out completely AND signed by BOTH parent and physician. You can email me the completed forms, or you can bring them to me at school.  Please bring any medication directly to me so that I can review the required medical documentation at that time.  I will be at Dons Day tomorrow, and you can drop medical forms and medications with me at that time.

GOT SHOTS???  Immunizations If there are any updates to your student’s vaccination record, please send me a copy so I can update.  If your student is missing any requiredimmunizations, they cannot start school until those are complete.  Please get in touch with me as soon as possible. If your student has had COVID vaccinations and you would like to submit that documentation to me, I will include it on their record.
Want the COVID vaccine? For every FIVE people that want to get the COVID vaccines, CCCH Mobile Vaccination Team will come here on site to administer. Please get in touch with me to let me know.


COVID Protocols:  (DON’T Get It!): Everyone wears a mask indoors. Keep staying healthy and practice hand hygiene.

AUHSD Health and Safety Policy

Stay healthy and be well,
Dvora Citron, RN, MS
925-280-2970 x7128
Acalanes School Nurse Google Site
IG:  acalanesschoolnurse