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Our ballots are here! The presidential race is on our minds but there are lots of other important items on the ballot as well. Several state propositions and local elections will directly affect our schools and students, so be sure to fill out your entire ballot!  

Prop 15: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act
This initiative would require commercial and industrial real estate property worth $3 million or more be taxed on current market value. This money would be allocated to schools (40%) and other local governments (60%). It is estimated to result in $11.5 billion in additional funding statewide, and between $1.9 million and $3.4 million for AUHSD. How Prop. 15 would increase K-12 districts’ funding. For an even-handed discussion of the pros and cons, see here: Quick Guide: Proposition 15, the proposed ’split-roll’ tax on commercial property.   

Prop 16: Repeal Proposition 209 – Restore Affirmative Action
This constitutional amendment would permit the use of race, gender, and ethnic diversity as factors (but not decisive factors) in education including college admissions, government hiring, and government contracting.  CSU Trustees endorse repeal of affirmative action ban  For more information, see: Proposition 16 — Allow Public Agencies to Consider Diversity.  

You can also find impartial analysis of Prop 15 (Proposition 15 — Taxes on Commercial Property) and other measures at