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To the Class of 2020,

It is with teary eyes that we make the announcement that due to Shelter in Place orders for Contra Costa and surrounding counties, we have been advised that we cannot legally plan or host a grad night for your class. 🙁 Unfortunately the “Don Voyage” celebration on the Commodore Cruise boat in Alameda has been canceled. With the future SIP protocols unknown, it makes it difficult for us to set a date, even this summer, to celebrate your graduation as we had so dearly hoped!

As parents of the Class of 2020, we are equally crushed by this decision but we want you to know that we have done everything we could up to this point to fight to make this night happen. But sadly, it’s now beyond our control.

As SIP restrictions lift, we hope you will celebrate your success as a class. You deserve only the very best of all celebrations. As you graduate on June 4th, we will be cheering you on and saluting the incredibly dynamic and impressive class of 2020. We would like to congratulate you all on your amazing journey in high school and wish you a very heartfelt “Don Voyage” as you set sail into your bright futures!

For information on how to receive a refund, please fill out the Grad Night Refund Form.

All the Best,

Your 2020 Grad Night Committee
Julie Bishop, Lulu Braunstein, Carrie Daughters and Alison Minden