Monday, the 23rd

Dress-up: Earth, Wind, Fire & Water

  • Seniors – Blue
  • Juniors – Red
  • Sophomore – White
  • Freshmen – Green

Lunch: Unified Soccer & tailgate

Tuesday, the 24th

Dress-up: Country vs Rock
Lunch: Tie Dye

Wednesday, the 25th

Dress-up: 70’s (hippie)
Lunch: Student vs. Staff Dodgeball
7 pm: Student vs. Student Dodgeball (class vs. class)

Thursday, the 26th

Dress-up: Subthemes

  • Seniors – Queen
  • Juniors – Beach Boys
  • Sophomores – Red +Devil + Black + Leather
  • Freshmen – Beatles/60s Fashion + Yellow

Lunch: Karaoke
Last DAY of Canned Food Drive

Friday, the 27th

Dress-up (day): Class Shirts or Class Color

  • Seniors – black
  • Juniors – grey
  • Sophomores – blue
  • Freshman – white

Academy: Homecoming Rally (Students only)
Lunch: Carnival
5:30 pm: Pre Game Tailgate for the Lafayette Community
7 pm: Homecoming Game (EVERYONE Wear Blue!)

Saturday, the 28th at 7:00pm

Homecoming Dance
Tickets are on sale via the Web Store or at lunch. Ticket prices are:

  • $15 with ASB
  • $30 without ASB
  • $45 for guests*

Prices increase by $5 at the door.
*Want to bring a guest? Fill out the guest contract (found in room 314) and submit to the main office by September 25th.